Imagining the Miami of 2040 – and helping our community build it.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Technology is disrupting jobs and upending the overall economy at a pace that only gets faster and faster. Amid constant change, the cities that can adapt quickly, diversify continually and reinvent periodically will do best. Indeed, most new job growth comes from successful startups and young businesses.

As technology allows for capital and talent to become more distributed, new centers of innovation and job creation are becoming established. Miami -- already ascendant -- has the opportunity to cement its role as a leader among these new emergent, entrepreneurial cities that are generating jobs as they help build the future.

Talent & Inclusion

As a historic demographic shift plays out in the United States over the next 25 years, Greater Miami can be a global model of what a uniquely diverse and skilled workforce looks like by increasing economic inclusion and driving social mobility through talent development.

Diversity is our great differentiator in Miami, and innovation is built on a diversity of people and ideas. Taken together, these present the opportunity to build a key competitive advantage that will drive Miami’s economy for years to come. Area colleges and universities are already leaders in making learning accessible, and work continues to expand vital efforts such as alternative training for upskilling and reskilling, business hiring pipelines, and accessible broadband for all families.

To remain competitive and responsive to workplace innovations, Miami has set a 65% goal for educational attainment by 2040.

Sustainability & Net-Zero

The existential challenge of climate change also brings a unique opportunity: to turn this multi-billion challenge into a multi-billion dollar business opportunity. Greater Miami can be a proving ground, the place where the latest technologies are tried, where the newest innovations are deployed.

As the world races to become carbon neutral by 2050, countless jobs, business opportunities and new industries will be created. Miami is a symbol of coastal vulnerability; let’s lean into that and become synonymous with green jobs, blue jobs, and the next generation of innovative companies building solutions for a carbon-neutral future.

Opportunity Miami Partners


Rick Beasley

Rick Beasley

CareerSource SFL Executive Dir

Christine Barney

Christine Barney

CEO of rbb Communications

Daniella Levine Cava

Daniella Levine Cava

Mayor, Miami-Dade County

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